How it started..... I started drumming somewhere around the age of 9 or at least thats when it became apparent that I was going to be a drummer.  

My Grandad (George Hooley) was a working Jazz Musician, my mum played clarinet and even turned down a place with the Royal philharmonic orchestra and my dad was heavily influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Stereophonic's & Feeder. When it came to influences ... I literally listened to it all! 

Mum used to be a backing singer and I recall just sitting at endless rehearsals staring at the drummer and just tapping along, by this point my primary school had just been donated a drum kit so I literally spent every break time driving the entire school mad with this hideous noise of drums played badly. 

By the age of 13 Drums had taken over my life, i'd get home from school run straight upstairs and practice for like 2hrs every night. It was around this point I joined my first band "Easily Amused" We were an all girl band ... it was pretty terrible even though at the time we thought we were the next big thing! I think in the end after a year we all fell out... I can't really remember!

Now 24 ... I'm playing with a band called "Hands Off Gretel" Which is fronted by the amazing Lauren Tate! (if you've not heard her sing go check her out on youtube) who having launched on the 5th Feb 2015 have already supported bands Kill It Kid & The Courtesans with upcoming shows to support ALLUSONDRUGS & The Brew 

I've had some amazing experiences over the last few years I was in a band called "Choker" another all girl band we played with bands like Skindred, Acey slade and the dark party, Karnivool, dead by april & dear superstar .. That was great fun! 

I've personally played & Jammed with bands such as Million Dead, Therapy, Russ Dennett (The Human League) Pitchshifter.

And spend the last couple of years playing with Function bands playing circuits, weddings you name it! 

Highlights so far...
-In 2012 I (alongside 800 other drummers) became a world record holder for most drummers playing together in time for 5 minutes.
-I'm an international ambassador for HIT LIKE A GIRL CONTEST which is awesome.
-Getting a sponsor from Meinl Cymbals