“When our last drummer deserted us, we needed someone pro to fill his shoes.  As a busy pro function band, we needed someone who could hit the ground running, learn a full two-hour set quickly, have all the right gear and ability, and most of all fit in with us as people.  We spend a lot of time together as a band, so fitting in was very important. 

We tried a lot of drummers, and I mean a lot!  We discovered that there are some decent drummers out there, and some top people, but didn’t find any who ticked all the boxes, until we found Laura!  Amazing drummer, great gear, great attitude, and she fits in with us so well, it feels like we’ve known her years! Laurais genuinely awesome as a musician and a person!  Her talent was way above everyone we tried, and we’re glad to now consider her a friend. "

 - Andy Smith, Rock & Soul Machine